About Success Rate of IVF and IUI in Number

It’s an exciting time to be getting ready for a new baby. It’s natural to feel both excited and terrified about the idea of parenthood, whether you’re trying to conceive or have recently received a positive pregnancy test. In India, the IVF success rate for women under the age of 30 is around 40-50 percent; however, if the IVF process is done in three cycles, the chances climb to 80 percent. However, there is a reason why Usha IVF advises all prospective parents to attend as many counselling sessions as they require. Before a patient rushes to conclusion part and embarks on their child-bearing journey, it is critical to obtain understanding about how the process will take place in their body. 

Success Rate of IVF and IUI

Both partners must clear their thoughts before initiating treatment, study everything there is to know about the procedure, and ask as many questions as they want to the counsellor and even the specialists who will be guiding them on their journey to parenthood. The emotional and mental strength of the intended parents also affects the success rate of IVF. This has an effect on the treatment’s effectiveness in the body. Being emotionally fit is essential for the patient. It is critical for the potential mother to be happy, which includes eating healthy foods, reading nice books, and doing whatever else the patient desires. These are some of the reasons why IVF can be successful on the first try in any circumstance.

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