Affordable treatment for tubal blockage by experts

A tubal blockage is a common cause of women’s infertility because there is a place in the fallopian tube where the woman’s egg is fertilized by the sperm. The damaged or blocked fallopian tube does not have any symptoms. Having trouble getting pregnant is the first sign of knowing that the woman is having blocked tubes.  A blockage in a fallopian tube can cause a fertilized egg to get stuck inside. The reproductive system of a woman is made of ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes. 

Tubal Blockage and IVF Treatment

If any of these areas are affected by medical problems, there will be difficulty in getting pregnant. Both ovaries are connected to the uterus by the tubes, the ovaries store eggs and release them through the fallopian tube. Thus, if the fallopian tube is blocked the egg is stuck inside. Usha IVF center provides treatment for tubal blockage with advanced technology and that too at a low cost. If fallopian tubes are blocked by minor scar tissue the doctor will go for surgery to remove the blockage and open the tube, if the amount of scar tissue is large then the surgery may not be possible. 

tubal block

If the blockage is there because part of the fallopian tube is damaged. our surgeon can remove the damaged part and connect the two fine and well parts. If it is severe then the recovered eggs are fertilized with sperm in the lab after all the process are done some of the embryos is transferred to a woman’s uterus to implant. You can treat the disease of tubal blockage also with the help of IVF treatment.

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