Safe & secure uterine polyp and uterine septum treatment

Surgery is the only way to remove a uterine polyp and uterine septum treatment. The surgery involves cutting or removing the septum and uterine polyp. Once the septum is removed from the surgery, the uterus is no longer divided into twice parts and is one uterine cavity (like a typical uterus).

A uterine polyp is a growth attached to the inner wall of the uterus, these polyps are normally noncancerous, but some can be cancerous or can turn into cancer. There can be one or more than one uterine polyps. It stays within the uterus but can slip through the opening of the uterus into the vagina. A uterine septum is a disease where a membrane runs in the middle of the uterus, splitting it into two parts. This membrane is called the septum, it starts from the top of the uterus and can expand to the end of the uterus and can get to the vagina. People suffering from the septate uterus are asymptomatic, they usually do not have any symptoms they become aware only when they go through many miscarriages. Repeated miscarriage and painful menstruation are the only symptoms of the uterine polyp and uterine septum.

Uterine Polyp and Uterine Septum Treatment

We have treatment for both the disease uterine polyp and uterine septum. One can cure uterine polyps by taking proper medication, if not cured by medicines they can have surgical removal. We provide both the treatment according to the specification and considering the condition of the patient. If the uterine polyp contains cancer cells, our experts will talk to you about the next steps in treatment. By taking uterine polyp and uterine septum treatment from our center there are fewer chances of recurrence of a uterine polyp. Surgery is the only solution to get rid of a uterine septum. The surgery includes the cutting of the septum. Once the septum (membrane) is removed, the uterus is not divided into two parts. We the best fertility center have a solution for every problem that obstructs one from getting pregnant.


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